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What are the Benefits of Hot Shot Trucking?

The trucking industry stands at the foundation of the U.S. and Canadian economy. Now more than ever, businesses rely on fast, reliable trucking services to move their goods both domestically and across the border. With this in mind, it stands as no surprise that hot shot trucking is steadily gaining in popularity due to its many benefits.

In this post, you’ll learn what hot shot trucking is, what the benefits of hot shot trucking are, and how you can find a company to move your product faster with less headache. 

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What does hotshot trucking mean?

Originating in 1970, hot shot trucking was first used in the Texas oil industry. Truck drivers would wait outside facilities and run out material to the oil well when it was completed. They provided fast service in medium to 1-ton trucks.

Now, there are two ways hot shot trucking operates. First, there’s load boards, where communication requests are sent out to independent hot shot truckers. In addition, there are also companies that offer or specialize in hot shot trucking services, where they rely on internal staff to deliver prompt (oftentimes same-day) delivery. 

Hot shot trucking is a way for customers with smaller, time-sensitive loads to receive immediate service, so their delivery stays on schedule.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of hot shot trucking.

Hot shot Trucking is More Convenient

When you’re short on time, hot shot trucking is your answer. To make sure your deadline is met, the transportation company will quickly record your information and delivery needs and dispatch experienced drivers to get your fleet on the road as soon as possible.

In most cases, they operate fleets of half-ton to 1-ton pickups with a variety of trailer options, including goose-neck, beaver-tail, and car-haulers. So for smaller loads, it’s a convenient, low-hassle option to meet your delivery timeline.

Hot shot trucking companies also deliver your load directly to the site, and additional logistics coordination on the customer’s side is not necessary. 

At BDS, we offer 24/7 dispatch. No matter the time, we’ll get your shipment where it needs to go when it needs to be there. We strive to make our customers’ transportation needs convenient and headache-free.

BDS trucking hauling large load

Hotshot Trucking is More Cost-Effective

Because hot shot trucking largely relies on smaller fleet sizes, the cost of shipping is often lower. Additionally, most companies have their own fleet and staff. So they rely less on third-party providers and logistics professionals, which also helps lower the cost.

Hotshot Trucking is Often More Customer-Focused

Rather than navigating large projects with many logistical components, hot shot deliveries are often smaller with less complicated demands. In turn, it’s also more customer-focused. The main advantage of hot shot trucking is that the service is fast, so companies place their customer’s needs and requirements at the forefront, ensuring the service is prompt and efficient.

Hot shot trucking also requires little support from the customer. Once a company receives their information, they can quickly dispatch the fleet, so their customer can rest assured their project is moving swiftly.
At BDS, our customers are our top priority. We’re a family-owned company that understands the value of maintaining strong, lasting relationships with our customers. We’re always honest, and we have a no excuses motto. Click here to learn more about our customer service commitment.

What Industries do Hot Shot Truckers Serve?

In reality, hot shot truckers can serve any industry that requires small to midsize deliveries. However, the oil, gas, and energy sectors typically utilize hotshot deliveries the most.

For the industrial industries, even small delays can have large financial impacts. Whenever a job is delayed, costs can quickly increase. So, if a delivery isn’t on time or if it’s damaged, they can experience massive setbacks.

BDS truck hauling large load with pilot truck following

How to Find a Reliable Hotshot Trucking Company

Now that you understand what the benefits of hot shot trucking are and why it’s a preferred transportation method for many businesses, you might be wondering how to find a hot shot trucking company that’s reliable, safe, and prompt. 

First, you want to ensure the company has a well-maintained and regularly-inspected fleet. If a breakdown occurs, not only can it set your delivery timeline back, but it could also result in damaged goods.

Next, you want to ensure their drivers and staff have the proper certifications, training, and licenses. At the very least, a driver will need their CDL (commercial driver’s license). Without a valid CDL, the driver can’t deliver any loads exceeding 26,000 lbs. In addition, to receive a CDL, a driver must complete mandatory entry level training, pass a knowledge test, and submit a medical report. 

By ensuring trained and certified drivers are moving your product, you reduce the risk of damages, delays, and other incidents. 

Lastly, you want to ensure the hot shot trucking company has logistical personnel and stellar communication. Without these necessities, a convenient delivery solution can quickly turn into a nightmare.

At BDS, we pride ourselves on having one of the greatest safety commitments in the industry. Our employees undergo extensive safety training in all aspects of our operations. Each of our drivers receives training in recognizing signs of stress and fatigue. When they’re on the road, they’re alert and capable. Also, we ensure COS Certifications, ISN, and Comply Works are in order.
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Final Thoughts

Hot shot trucking and the convenience it provides is steadily growing in demand. In fact, it has seen a 2.7% growth. With the pandemic sweeping across the continent, businesses need fast and reliable service now more than ever.

If you’re interested in learning more about the hot shot trucking services offered by us, you can click on this link. And if you have any questions about our other transportation services and why we’re a Canadian industry leader, contact us. We offer 24/7 dispatch services with safety and customer satisfaction as our top priority.