Prioritizing Trucking and Hauling Safety

At BDS, we pride ourselves on having the greatest commitment to safety in the industry. All of our employees undergo extensive training in safety in all aspects of our business. We ensure our team members are safe no matter what job they’re doing, because at the end of the day, our job is to ensure all team members make it home. We ensure all COR Certifications, ISN, and Comply Works are in order.

Our drivers are trained in recognizing signs of fatigue and stress, ensuring that on the road they remain alert and capable. We also ensure that Field Level Hazard Assessments are completed and filed every day for every job. For BDS, safety is a top priority and never pushed to the wayside.

Safety is more than just paperwork and protocols, it’s about the people and the impact we’re having. Our staff are committed to keeping themselves and everyone around them safe. That’s why we also have introduced an environmental focus to our business with emissions controls on our trucks and equipment and paperless reporting where possible. You can trust that when you work with BDS you’re getting top of the line safety with an environmental focus, because what we do is about more than just driving.

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