Oil and Gas Lifting Services

BDS offers state of the art lifting services. Our highly trained staff can help you with all your industrial lifting needs. We have a variety of well maintained pieces of equipment that will be able to get your job done, no matter the size or scale.

Picker Trucks

BDS has a wide range of lightweight, truck mounted picker units that are ideal for flexibility and mobility. We offer picker truck services from 110 Ton to 8 Ton. Each unit is designed to pull a trailer providing significant extra utility, reducing the cost of securing transportation in addition to crane services. These high-power picker units are equipped with all the rigging necessary for any job, spreader bars from 6’ to 50’ and man baskets to lift product and personnel into place to complete any job or task. With our fleet diversity, we can guarantee any job gets done the most efficient and cost effective way.



250 Ton Demag Terex

This 250 Ton crane allows us to execute some of the toughest tasks handed to us.

The Demag’s hallmark is its versatility: durable enough to handle off-road terrain, but able to travel independently at highway speeds on public roads. With 230 ft of stick and the ability to lift over 200,000 lbs, there is not much that this Explorer cannot lift and set into place.

Spyder Crane

Our versatile Spyder crane is ideal for working inside buildings.  With the ability to collapse down small enough to fit through doors and then expand its outriggers for maximum stability, this Spyder crane has a lifting capacity of 6,450 lbs with a boom length of 27 feet.  This versatile crane is perfect for lifting beams, rafters, furnace units and much more into place for employees to install or work.